Christian Science Nursing Homecare

Christian Science Nursing Homecare

Home is the dearest spot on earth*

Home represents safety and comfort, a place where you can be yourself completely. It’s understandable, then, why it would be natural to receive care at home when there is a need. We are reaching out to you, our Christian Science family, to offer the tender and practical care of Christian Science nursing in your home.

*Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures by Mary Baker Eddy

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Each one has brought joy, diligence, and encouragement along with a healing atmosphere.
You and your fellow [Christian Science] nurses are such a blessing to me and my mother… There is more peace and harmony in this household.
...wonderful homecare services… so strong in Christian Science as well as extremely efficient in practical care...

Frequently Asked Questions

A Homecare visit may be up to 3 hours; if there is a need for a longer stay, this also may be arranged.

Tenacre offers the first 4 hours each week complimentary. After 4 hours, the hourly rate is $50. Donations are welcomed for these visits.

When receiving your phone call, we’ll discern how immediate your need is, and then schedule a timely visit.

Tenacre may provide financial assistance when needed. There is an application to complete.

A Christian Science practitioner is required for visits needing Christian Science nursing care.

Christian Science Nursing Homecare

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