February 1, 2023

Christian Science Nursing Assistant Opportunity

Dear Friends, 

So often members of our Church are listening for ways in which they might serve the Cause of Christian Science and humanity more broadly and practically. Tenacre is an organization where Christian Science is lived and practiced through the services we offer. Those relying on Christian Science come to Tenacre as a haven and place for prayer, study and healing. We offer two-week classes for members of The Mother Church who would like to serve fellow Christian Scientists during these times. The class prepares members to be Christian Science Nursing Assistants, serving as religious ministers at Tenacre.

The Christian Science Nursing Assistant role doesn’t require direct oversight of our guests, but it forwards the ease and facilitation of Christian Science nursing. Students are introduced to the ethics, spiritual foundation and basic practical ideas which enable one to assist the Christian Science Nurses in simple ways.

The Christian Science Nursing Assistants provide such things as:

  • one to one spiritual reassurance;
  • reading to those seeking healing in Christian Science;
  • accompanying guests for walks and wheelchair rides;
  • having inspiring conversations with guests;
  • assisting at mealtime; and
  • making beds and bringing order to guests’ rooms.

This ministry provides an avenue where one’s own trust in God and in the healing power of Christian Science can bring hope and healing to others.

Individuals who are at least 18 may apply for full-time employment at Tenacre as Christian Science Nursing Assistants. There would not be an expectation or requirement to continue in Christian Science nurse’s education, although that would be an option.

We invite you to consider joining us in this heartfelt spiritual ministry. Please call (800) 626-9155 or email Patrick Bonsi with questions or for an application.

With Christly love,

Christian Science Nursing Department
Tenacre Foundation