April 4, 2022

Letter to the Field

Christian Science Housekeepers

Dear Friends, 

We are blessed to have opportunities to serve our Church through Manual based activities. Tenacre Foundation is a Ministry of Christian Science Nursing (See Church Manual, Article VIII, sect. 31, p. 49 Christian Science Nurse). We have learned how valuable it is to surround those entrusted to our care with a mental atmosphere that is holy - expectant of healing.

We have a new role for Christian Scientists who would like to serve as Housekeepers, ministering in our Christian Science nursing settings. Our inspiration comes in part from the example of those dedicated and humble students of Christian Science who served in Mary Baker Eddy’s home. In a recent publication by Heather Vogel Frederick, Life at 400 Beacon Street: Working in Mary Baker Eddy’s Household (pp. 118,119), we read the following regarding these housekeepers:

“[Mrs Eddy] taught us to strive for perfection in every little thing we did in attending to practical details in the home life,” said Minnie Scott.

One busy practitioner from the Midwest, who arrived expecting to be asked to serve as a metaphysical worker, was caught off guard when Mrs. Eddy invited her to stay as a housekeeper. The astonished woman replied that she thought she had long finished with “menial work”. Mrs. Eddy regarded her “for a long time and just as though she could see right through her, and then said very gently, “Why, my dear, I did not know that there was any.”

We invite you to prayerfully consider serving side by side with other devoted metaphysicians in support of those who are relying on God for healing through their practice of Christian Science. Tenacre offers a living wage and benefits. Training will be provided.

Please call (800) 626-9155 or email Dan Fisher  with any questions. To apply on-line please visit the employment page.

We look forward to hearing from you!

With Christly love,

Christine Hein
Director, Christian Science Nursing

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Housekeeping – serving God and our fellow man

"Serving as a Christian Science housekeeper was one of the most life-changing and inspiring experiences I’ve ever had! As a teenager I spent two summers working as a housekeeper with other Christian Science housekeepers. Delving into the books about Mary Baker Eddy and exploring Christian Science alone with God brought inspiration, understanding and joy! This became practical in the instantaneous healing of my fingers when I inadvertently poured boiling water over them. Also, when cleaning in the rooms I would pray about the picture of illness and in one particular instance I saw the room and the patient bathed in light, an experience which totally inspired me and touched them. An added bonus of this summer work was that I made life-long friends!"